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I'm Stephanie and i'm 18 :D , I love life and all its flowers no matter how ugly some are.
I'm 5'1 i have brown hair
Blue/green eyes
I like dying my hair
Wanna know anything else just ask:}
I'm Bisexual
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Absolutely Stunning & Incredible Weight Loss Transformations »




It’s absolutely amazing to how people completely can transform into a whole new person.


I am now getting off the couch and I am going to get shit done!

Sometimes you need a day off. Sometimes you need to eat your weight in chocolate or drink until you puke. Sometimes you get moody or mad or sad and binge. But that’s the EXCEPTION. It’s about staying on the right track and sticking with it. NO ONE eats salads EVERY DAY. You have to know what your body can work with and working with your body. Don’t get skinny, get healthy.

Honestly most of these women look really gorgeous in both pictures - and the ones that don’t, it’s because they don’t look happy

It’s not only about look but it is also about health.. You will feel better if you’re fit..

what if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves